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Frequently Asked Questions

About digital magazines

With what program I can open the file?

The link has expired, what now?


I have a complaint. Where can I go?

Right of revocation

What will Abonnementenland do with my personal data?

Can I change my personal data?

Can I acces my personal data?

Wat voor garantie heb ik op de tijdschriften?

About ordering a (gift) subscription

How can I order a subscription?

Can I start my subscription at a specific date?

How can I give a subscription as a gift?

I have ordered the wrong or a double subscription. Wat do I have to do?

I have ordered a subcsription but I did not receive a confirmation. Have you received my order?

When is my order placed?

I have placed an order but I would like to cancel it. How do I do that?

What is the duration of an offer?

What VAT rate is applied to my order?

A welcome gift

When will I recieve the welcome gift that I get with my subscription?

I get a welcome gift with the gift subscription I ordered. Is it possible to ship the welcome gift to an alternate address?

Can I return my welcome gift?

About paying a subscription

How can I pay a subscription?

When will I pay my subscription?

I want to change my method of payment from Direct Debit to Invoice. Is that possible?

I want to change my method of payment form invoice to Direct Debit. Is that possible?

I would like to pay via online banking. Is that possible?

Wat zijn de kosten per betaalmethode?

About changing an address or name

How can I change my address or other personal data?

About ending a subscription

How do I know when my subscription expires?

How can I cancel my subscription and how far in advance do I do this?

Will my subscription end automatically or should I cancel it yourself?

What is my notice period?

About recieving magazines

When will I recieve the first issue of my subscription?

I haven't recieved an issue of my subscription. Can I request a second shipment?

About ordering previous publications

I want to order an already appeared issue. Is that possible?

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