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Order procedure

Ordering a subscription consists of just a few steps described below.

Ordering step 1
Choose the offer of your choice and click on the order button.

Ordering step 2
Enter your address to which the magazine should be sent.

Ordering step 3
If the invoice is to be sent to another address, then select "yes" in the option "Do you want to enter a different billing address?"

Ordering step 4
Fill in the details of the address where the invoice should be sent to it.

Ordering step 5
Choose a payment method.

Ordering step 6
Click the "Next" button. You will see an overview page where the shipping / billing information will be displayed as well as the subscription and associated costs.

Ordering step 7
Is the information incorrect? Click on the 'Back' button and adjust the relevant data. Then go back to step 6.

Ordering step 8
Is the data correct? Check the box to indicate that you agree to the terms of Abonnementenland.
Ordering step 9
If all the information is correct and you want to order the subscription, please click on the 'Send' button.

Ordering step 11
You will then see a summary screen informing you that your data has been received by us and that they are being processed

Ordering step 12
Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to the billing address containing a summary of the ordered product (s).

Want to know more about the ordered subscription. Eg. When I return I will receive the first issue, when will I receive an invoice, etc., Have a look at " Frequently Asked Questions ".

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